Bicycle Tune-up

Get The Best Bicycle Tune-up With US

Whether you use your bicycle to take a break from this city, escape to the hills and mountains, enjoy the parks or conquer the potholes, it is important to do bicycle tune-up regularly. The cable stretches, parts get weary and as a result, this affects the condition of the bicycle. Along with this a la cable job, we are also offering three packages from basic to comprehensive.

The Basic Tune-up

Our job here is to basic tune-up of the major systems of the bikes. So that, your ride W it’ll be functional, safe as well as adjusted. This is the best if you was in storage and the parts still have life but need some adjustments. Here,
The gears, bearings and brakes are adjusted
The wheels are trued laterally
And full safety check
The Annual Tune-up
The annual tuneup of the bicycle helps in preparing it for another year of daily usage. This is best for the riders who ride their bikes daily. Even if your drivetrain has bean to wear out, you can take this package. It includes the basic along with,
The frame and drivetrains cleaning
The wheels trued radially and laterally
The replacing of some parts
The Overhaul

all components cleaned & lubricated
all bearings overhauled or replaced
cables & housing replaced (tune includes a $40 credit towards our bulk cables & housing)
also includes 15% off any additional parts
The best way to diagnose a problem is at the shop, with the help of one of our friendly mechanics. When you come in for a free estimate, we will do our best to suggest the most appropriate and cost effective service menu item. Our goal is to keep you riding smoothly, safely, and comfortably.

Would you rather learn how to repair your own bike? We offer a full curriculum of repair classes, from evening workshops to intensives to private classes.