Bicycle Overhauls

Get a New Cycle With The Bicycle Overhauls

The best thing about bicycles is that these last a long time. We receive old bikes all the time in our shops that look like they didn’t get enough maintenance as the chains are rusty, wheels bearings are dry, and the grips are falling off as that are being used every day. Not every one of us gets to buy a new bike every year. The bicycle overhauls are something that we can do for getting the loyal steed riding again.
If you are looking for a company that does bicycle overhauling, then we are here for you.

What do we do?

Our bicycle overhauls include the comprehensive services. During this the bicycle is dissembled, the grips are changed, bearings are changed or cleaned, cables are replaced. After this, the bicycle tune-up is done. After making all the required adjustments, we will give it to you. In a short time, we will make your current bike new. You will not even feel that you are riding an old cycle after you got the overhaul from us.

Why trust us?

We are providing overhaul services for a long time. All our technicians are licensed, well-trained and licensed. You can expect the best service from them. Here are the reasons why you pick us over other:

  • As our staffs are licensed and insured, you can expect professional service from them. They are friendly and loyal. You can trust them without any doubt.
  • Bicycle overhaul can be costly. We are providing top-notch service at an affordable price.
  • We have the best customer care. Even in case of any problem after the overhaul, we will fix it or look into the matter without any charge.

For more details, call or email us. Our contact details are on our website.