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The Best Bicycle Adjustments Company in The Town

Even if you own a car, bicycle gives you relief from the ever-busy roads of the cities. Whether you ride your bike every day or once in a month, it is essential to make regular bicycle adjustment to enjoy the tension-free ride. An efficient and comfortable riding position is ensured with the right bike-body interaction. Therefore, it is essential to properly set-up your bike.
If the bike is not correctly adjusted according to your height and body size, then you will not be able to ride it comfortably. It is imperative to get necessary bike adjustments if you are going on long distance bike traveling.
What services do we provide?
Here are the few bike adjustment services that we are currently providing:

  1. Foot position: We will adjust the foot position according to your height. Many bicycle riders can adjust it according to their height and body but you are unable to do it, we are here for you.
  2. Saddle position: Positioning the saddle is a bit tricky. You need to keep the top surface parallel to the road surface.
  3. Saddleback/front adjustment: The saddle of your bike correctly positioned when the tibial tuberosity is 1 centimeter behind that of the pedal axis.
  4. Stem and handlebar: The correct height of the stem should be leveled between the saddle and 6 centimeters below.

You might think you can make bicycle adjustments at home, but it is quite challenging to get the right position. For this reason, we are here for you. All you need to do is, take your bicycle to our shop; we will give you a free quote for the required bike adjustments.

Our store address with contact number is on the website. Call or email us for more information.